PAXSS extracts high quality passenger experience data. Providing real time passenger insights.

We help airlines, cruise lines, bus or railway operators better understanding their passengers by developing digital travel surveys on any matter, in any shape. During travel passengers are asked to fill out digital questionnaires. Displaying the outcomes in simple and intuitive dashboards. In order to provide companies with next generation passenger insights.

High Quality Insights

Passenger input is done DURING travel. Through a smartphone or tablet.
In the middle of the emotion,during a cab ride in London or a business trip inbound Singapore.

To capture the purest emotion is during travel. Because a week after, people don’t like to be bothered via email. So response rates decrease and false input increases.

Dashboard as a Service (DaaS)

Survey input is automatically uploaded and analysed to suit the needs of our customer.

All relevant data can be shared instantly and easily through online real time dashboards. Even before the last passenger has disembarked. Trends or averages are analysed by comparing with real time data. All data can be correlated and creates the opportunity to report direct passenger experience.

Selling Potential

The passenger transport sector is a highly competitive, dynamic and price elastic industry. Using tablets for surveys presents additional cross, up or deep selling opportunities to passengers. Inbound a great city, introduce passengers through an affiliate programme to a great hotel offer. Or a taxicab voucher to reach their final destination. Or a popular item from the inflight sales product range. The possibilities are endless.

Tailored surveys designed to encourage maximum passenger interaction are performed during flight. The transit environment allows passengers, free from distractions, the time to share their emotions and opinions. What used to be considered as ‘boredom’ by passengers sitting in transit, our customers can offer a blend of unique online entertainment whilst acquiring passenger’s attitude on various topics via intelligent surveys solutions.

Surveys are completely customizable in any shape or form to fit any corporate identity. Dashboards are completely customizable to any KPI or matter to provide the best performance insights. Some screenshots.

The PAXSS service runs on two platforms: the Loyasys© survey system and the Qdash © business dashboard. Both technologies were developed by Quickwins Netherlands, a Dutch based innovator and technology provider. Since their introduction in 2012 multinationals and SME’s have used and embraced the technologies.


Mr. Bernard Grapperhaus was a commercial pilot for more than 14 years. Together with Marco Vlaskamp they founded PAXSS in spring 2015.

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